World’s Most Expensive Fish Are Spotted Off The English Coast


The Bluefin tuna, one of the largest, most beautifully colored, and fastest fish in the world was recently spotted leaping out of the sea as they were feasting on smaller fish. The recognized most-expensive fishes were captured on camera off the Devon coast by Photographer Kayaker Rupert Kirkwood having splashed for nearly two hours.

Photographer Kayaker Rupert Kirkwood captured on camera the world’s most expensive bluefin tuna as they leap out of the glistering sea

It’s evident that the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna, who have torpedo-shaped, streamlined bodies are no aliens to a feeding frenzy. Selling for thousands and even millions of pounds, they’re also regarded as the most valuable fish across the world. Fortunately, Photographer Kirkwood, 60, was 3miles off Plymouth when he spotted the Bluefin alongside dolphins and whales in action, splashing the waters.

‘There was this constant roar of a tuna feeding frenzy for nearly two hours. I witnessed about twenty different feeding frenzies over that period. They pinned the shoaling fish, herring and sand eels against the surface before hitting them from below.’ Mr. Kirkwood explained.

Mr. Kirkwood, who goes by the nickname The Lone Kayaker spent his time monitoring the marine wildlife and was satisfyingly pleased. ‘I have countless spotted flurry and tuna leaping but capturing a picture of them has been literally impossible because they’re quite fast. The main reason behind capturing them this time around was because a lot were erupting from the surface. I had seen a handful at Fowey and they’ve been spotted down in Penzance. I am, however, not aware of anybody who has ever seen this level of activity in the Far East.’ He added.

Nevertheless, being an endangered species, the Bluefin tuna is illegal to catch in the United Kingdom and if caught mistakenly, they must be returned immediately into the sea.


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