Waitress Shows How A Group Of Boomers Left Their Table Vs. A Group Of Gen Z’ers On TikTok


Times have changed with technology taking the lead in many things. But there are still people stuck in the past, unable to move on. Gen X are our parents or maybe even grandparents, people who have survived through hardships. People who had to toil and rely on manual labor for the majority of their life and they think the younger generations are just too lazy.

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The younger generation likes to think boomers or Gen X are just so out of touch with things. They’re so stuck on with their old point of view that it just doesn’t sit well with them to be ‘stuck in the past’ for so long. If you have the technology to help you do things, why spend time on them?

A match recently ensures within a restaurant, a match that none of the participants realized. TikTok user Kaitlyn Brande shared two tables which were occupied by Gen Z and Gen X.

The boomers or Gen X had their tables ended in this mess.

But the supposedly ‘lazy’ Gen Z’s table ended up like this.

There were 5 boomers on that table and she had cleaned up some plates before taking the video. There were 6 Gen Z’s on the table next to them with the plates neatly stacked and the table looked like it was wiped lightly before they left.


“They get paid to do that” VS “we know restaurant life is hard, here, let us help you out”

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Brande said that the reason she posted this video was that she thought boomers were the ones who expect more respect from others. But this sight is just ironic because they may have thought, “They get paid to do that.”

She also added that she knows going out to eat means you don’t want to worry about the dishes. But she really appreciates the help of the younger people, if it’s something as simple as stacking the dish. In her TikTok video caption, she wrote it was as if the Gen Z’s said, “We know restaurant life is hard, here, let us help you out.”


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