Unrecognizable Nicolas Cage Arrives For ‘Running With The Devil’ Film Premiere


Celebrity Nicolas Cage was attending the film premiere of a movie he starred in, ‘Running with the Devil’ when people could barely recognize the Golden Globe award-winner walking down the red carpet.

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

He was wearing a casual denim over a T-shirt and along with that, a brown fedora hat. But the most striking new feature Nicolas Cage sported was his heavy facial hair. Cage has unshaved beard that really gives off this rugged and mountain-adventurous look for the man.

Cage arrives at the premiere along with his son who’s also flashing new beard with his hair tied in ponytail.

Nicolas Cage stars in ‘Running with the Devil’ which is the story of “a tenacious federal agent” who “traces the supply line of a group of cagey and experienced cocaine dealers.”

Along with Cage who starred in the movie were Laurence Fishburne, Peter Facinelli, Victoria La Mala, Pip Lustgarten, Keith Jardine, Adam Goldberg, J.T. Holmes, Clifton Collins Jr., and Lily Anne Harrison.

Check out the trailer below.

The movie will arrive on theaters on Sept. 20, 2019.


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