Two Boys Jokingly Hitting Each Other With A Trash Can Lid Is A Live Proof Why Women Live Longer Than Men


Currently, social media platforms are largely dominated by pictorial content. Displaying hilarious images as well as entertaining videos, the internet is quite an easy one to consume.

While it doesn’t really require much effort, anybody can scroll through an unending content the whole day. Hence, it’s no surprise that videos are often the type of content that tend to go viral immediately.

back, the internet was all loving a lion crouching down to meet his baby cub
for the very first time. But today, we at Greenlemon
has an article on two little kids hitting at each other with a trash can
lid. The internet can generally be awesome, right?

latest trend witnesses two boys jokingly hitting at each other with a trash can

The present gaining-attention video show two little boys in green and orange shirts taking rounds around a trash can, playfully hitting the Trash can lid multiple times in the face.

While the seen footage might appear violent at first, each time any of the boys get hit in the face, both have a giggle. Accordingly, they get into a mini-fight over who’s going to be in charge of pressing the pedal.

Several individuals have shared the video over the internet but got recognized on Twitter where users agreed to ‘meme-fy’ the little kids’ action. A caption reads: ‘This is exactly why women live longer than men,’ (added a laughing emoji).  The user does have a point, I guess?

The Video Here:

Here’s However How People Reacted On Twitter:


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