Twitter User Honors The Works And Sacrifices Of Often Overlooked Dogs During 9/11 Tragedy


The tragedy of 9/11 has scarred many of us more than just physically. It has turned what was two enormous skyscrapers to a place of memorial for those who died heroes, heroines and become collateral damages to the attacks.

But humans weren’t the only ones that left the incident with scars. In order to find victims, many SAR dogs were deployed to find bodies, but the scar they received were permanent. No dogs returned the same and a Twitter user has decided to post the number of dogs who have worked tirelessly on the event.

A memorial statue was erected and dedicated to the dogs who worked tirelessly for days and even weeks finding victims.

They moved us in tears. Their sacrifice will never be forgotten.

Now, SAR dogs are trained differently and mentally stronger to find cadavers. It is unfortunate and perhaps, we all hope these dogs don’t ever need or happen on one. But when needed they will be able to help us and remain strong through it.


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