Trolls Tell Woman That She’s Ugly Like A Blobfish, She Responds With 3 Selfies


The society remains to cripple women who cannot adhere to their twisted standard of beauty. Such was what happened to journalist Melissa Blake on who has been featured in many popular journalism sites and companies and also owner of the blog ‘So About What I Said’.

It’s pretty clear since birth that Melissa doesn’t have what it takes to follow close on the beauty standard that the general population have. After all, she has Freeman-Sheldon Syndrome since birth which is a type of genetic bone and muscular disorder. The last thing she needs to hear is how her morphology has made her unqualified to take selfies.

But such things are exactly what trolls and jerks of the Internet like to do.

Conservative viewers were raining Melissa with insults.

…and more insults.

So she hits back with exactly what they told her not to do: taking selfies.

She looks happy, peaceful and everything we always strive to feel.

Fortunately, it was also the Internet that tell her she is OK the way she is: be happy, be you, be inspired and be inspiring.

Fellow disabled people and writers also gave encouraging replies.


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