Thrifty Couple Makes Gorgeous Wedding Cake Of Less Than $50 Using Costco Sheets


Do you know a wedding cake can be baked for just $50?

Recently, a DIY Instagrammer, Jessica from
@cottagefarmhouse, posted about the incredibly frugal wedding of her brother

Jeremy and his wife Gosia tried to save as much money as they could, so they just didn’t have a flowers budget or perhaps a cake budget to speak of.

Instead of paying a huge amount of dollars for a wedding cake, Jeremy and Gosia, with the help of Jessica and pastry chef friend baked a gorgeous one. They purchased two of Costo’s sheet cakes, resized them before cutting them into thirds

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The cakes were then re-frosted and decorated with $10 worth of Trader Joe’s flowers. The result is fantastic, and it sure looks like it’s worth more than $50! The wedding cake is undoubtedly the biggest highlight of a wedding, aside from the wedding dress.

Each guest looks forward to seeing and eating it, hence it’s best to have a good one. And because they are so critical they are incredibly costly as well. A great quality wedding cake will cost more than 1000 bucks.

“It’s no secret that my brother is frugal … but the wedding brought frugality to a new level,” DIY Blogger Jessica said about cake posted on Instagram.

The Final Result:

Jessica explained: ‘They bought two cakes from @Costco, sliced them, stacked them, re-iced with buttercream icing and decorated with flowers from $10 @traderjoes. Showed on the stand I constructed using stuff from @hobbylobby… Gorgeous on budget.’

The couple achieved this stunning cake result with the help of a Pastry chef relative

Instantly, Instagram users flooded the post with impressive comments, with Jessica promising to write a tutorial on how the cake can be recreated.


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