This Super-Cute Gecko Can’t Stop Smiling With Her Gecko Toy


When people refer their pet to as cute, it’s pretty common to think that they are cats or dogs. The last thing you will imagine would be a yellow leopard gecko with a gecko toy. But that’s exactly what’s happening and you will never forget how Kohaku the gecko will make you just feel like smiling for no reasons.

Smiling is, after all, contagious. So, if you like what we Green Lemon has compiled for you, why don’t you share Kohaku’s beautiful smile to your family and friends as well?

Born in 2015, this is Kohaku (琥珀) whose name means amber. And that toy is the small version of him!

Kohaku is a leopard gecko and he seems to always look happy with his gecko toy.

Kohaku seems to have that naturally happy face even when sleeping.

He’s also very photogenic. Pretty!

He is own by a woman who has been taking care of him for four years (Kohaku recently turned 4!).

Just look at him spreading the love.

He can even wink with both eyes!

A little trivia, 589 in the account name can also be read as ko ha ku, which is the gecko’s name!

How was it? Did you feel better? Aren’t we just glad that the Internet was invented and allows us to be bless by this gecko’s smile today? You need more? Well, there’s this mama dolphin who made incredible jumps after her baby was released from fishing nets!


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