This Man Stood For Six-Hours On A Flight To Let His Wife Sleep And The Internet Doesn’t Like It


Now, who loves long flights? The idea of getting stuck in a less than 1m x 1m space is already dreading. But imagine if you don’t even get to sit and have to stand for hours? Certainly torturing.

However, there is a certain man who may have done just that. Courtney Lee Johnson posted a picture of a man who stands next to a sleeping woman who sprawled over three seats on Twitter.

Man is supposed to be the woman’s husband, standing and letting the wife get a better sleeping position.

Courtney Lee Johnson

The post currently has over 2,6k comments and has been retweeted 3.4k times. It has also received 15.7k likes.

Sounds like too good of true love, eh? It’s not just you. A lot of people think so, too.

Just like how Jack could have survived.

Is it really love or…?

Sherlockian Twitter user made a good point.

Multiple people were calling the sleeping wife selfish and abusive while the man is as weak. We can never know what are the circumstances that may have caused this woman the need to sleep on all three seats. As others have pointed out, if she is that sick, she shouldn’t be flying on a plane.

Passengers are allowed to walk around the plane on long hours flight, but it’s highly unlikely that any flight attendant will just let this man stand for so long on the aisle. Flight attendants make frequent trips to offer snacks, meals, and souvenirs for passengers. It’s also dangerous for a passenger to sleep in that position in a flight.

What do you guys think? Is this true love? Or maybe just a man truly confused at the sight?


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