Stunning Footage Shows Sleeping Octopus Changes Color While Dreaming


are the mastermind of camouflage, most especially as they can trigger cells
beneath the surface of their skin to change into any color. Just recently, a
PBS unveiled a captivating clip of a sleeping cephalopod changing color numerous

the scenario an amazing one, a Marine Biologist, Dr. David Scheel’s gave it an
outstanding description. He guessed what the Octopus named ‘Heidi’ was fantasizing

The clip is part of a PBS sequence, ‘Octopus: Making Contact’, which is set to premiers to the public on October 2.

it features the professor at Alaska Pacific University in Anchorage, Dr. David and Heidi, the cephalopod he raised.

Heidi in the documentary was seen demonstrating her skills in solving puzzles by using tools and fleeing through small spaces. Appeared behaving like a family pet, Heidi has learned how to recognize faces, as well as get excited at the approach of any human near her tank.

Accordingly, Heidi exhibits an inclination when playing with Dr. Scheel’s child. Literally, Octopuses turn on their camouflage feature in response to the changing conditions around them.

Hence, this video of a sleeping Octopus changing her color display implies it’s dreaming or hallucinating about something. While studies centered on Octopus sleep have grown over the years, there’s still, however, no accurate proof revealing if they dream or not.

permit to say that I am not a sleeping biologist and so not an expert in these
behaviors. I can speak to the questions concerning sleep and octopuses from a
passing familiarity with some of the literature on sleep.

Octopuses don’t have a centralized brain like that of humans.  Instead, they were created with numerous brain and their bundles of neurons are clearly distributed in their limbs.’ Dr. Scheel Added.

He added: ‘Sleep can be recognized behaviorally and so many studies have discovered that both cuttlefish and octopuses have behaviors that satisfy the description of sleep. Their brains are so active during these sleep behaviors.’

Watch the video of the magical creature here:

Source: Dailymail


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