Someone Discovered A Photo Album Of A Woman Next To Celebs In A Thrift Shop, Now It’s Like A Time Machine


In Belgium, a thrift shop has caused a quite stir on social media. Individuals at Opnieuw & Co, a local establishment in Mortsel, recently discovered an ancient pictures album where a woman posed next to main stars in Hollywood.

Internet users started an investigation after which they shared some of the photos online. Who is this woman hugging Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Bruce Willis, and other A-list celebrities, an online community queried?

Afterward, somebody noticed a tag she had in one of the
pictures. Turns out, the ‘mysterious’ woman is actually Maria Snoeys Lagler, a
former member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPS).

It’s a non-profit organization of journalists and
photographers who report on the entertainment industry. The association
consists of about 90 members from around the world, leading the yearly Golden
Globe ceremony every January in Los Angeles.

Although, it is clear that Maria Snoeys_ Lagler have met almost everybody by looking at the photos leading the largest screens and stages. Or could it the other way around? Perhaps is there’s a secret club in Hollywood of all the celebrities who has had their photos taken with Maria Snoeys-Lagler?

More info: Facebook | Benoit De Freine

#1 Johnny Depp And Juliette Lewis

#2 Bruce Willis

#3 Patrick Stewart

#4 Sam Neill And Robert Downey Jr

#5 Young Elijah Wood

#6 Harrison Ford

#7 Kevin Bacon And Tom Hanks

#8 Angelina Jolie

#9 Keanu Reeves

#10 Will Smith

#11 Jon Bon Jovi

#12 Christopher Walken

#13 Drew Barrymore

#14 Antonio Banderas

#15 Hugh Grant

#16 Jack Nicholson

#17 Liam Neeson

#18 Walter Matthau

#19 Sir Anthony Hopkins And Richard Attenborough

#20 Denzel Washington

#21 Tim Roth

#22 Kate Winslett

#23 Lawrence Fishburn

#24 Kevin Costner

#25 Clarence Williams III, Kyle Maclachlan And Samuel L Jackson

#26 Nicolas Cage

#27 Kirk Douglas

#28 Cary Elwes

#29 Ashley And Mary-Kate Olsen

#30 Helen Hunt


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