Snyder’s Cut For ‘Justice League’ Is Beginning To Intrigue Even Non-Fans


The campaign for DC to let Snyder’s Cut of ‘Justice League’ to be released is gaining more traction than anyone can ever imagine. Snyder faced family tragedy and left his seat which was replaced by Joss Whedon from ‘Avengers’.

The movie that was released, however, appears to be something that was not intended by Zack Snyder. After the disappointing flick left the theater, Snyder began posting storyboards and stills that surprised fans. ‘Justice League’ appears to be something that was way too far from what he envisioned, almost like a different movie.

Jason Momoa, Rob Liefeld from ‘Deadpool’ and many fans led the campaign to call DCEU to release the flick. Fabian Wagner who was a cinematographer also released some surprising behind-the-scenes.

Snyder has been criticized for his dark tones in his superheroes movies which were opposite of what Marvel has always been like. But it seems despite several people not liking it, they cannot deny their interest in seeing what Darkseid and Martian Manhunter were doing.

If Snyder proves to be a successful director with the ‘Army of the Dead’, this may even further push the demand for the original ‘Justice League’ to be released. Snyder was given complete freedom with the movie and with positive reception, his future in filmmaking can be reassured.

Who knows, maybe we get to see even more on how ‘Justice League’ was supposed to end?


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