Slack’s New Desktop App Loads 33% Quicker, Uses 50% Less RAM And Rebuilt For Windows, macOS


Slack is launching a new version of its desktop app for macOS and Windows. Promising performance improvements, Slack has also rebuilt its desktop app to focus on speed and the company equally has claimed that the New Desktop App will be 33% faster. While the App will use about 50percent less RAM, all of these adjustments will be noticeable by numerous slack’s customers.

Coming a month after Slack became a public company, listed on the New York Stock Exchange, Johnny Rodgers, the Company’s Product Architect and Lead of Desktop explained that the upgrade took advantage of changes to slack’s underlying tech like the React UI Framework, techniques, and modern JavaScript tools.

“As people began wanting to sign
in to additional workspaces, we were creating additional processes to support
those workspaces, which led to the app using more memory and slowing down as
people added more.

“With this one, we’re able to sort of taking that expectation of people signing into multiple workspaces as the base assumption and architect around that so that this same app can use far less memory, boot faster, and generally give people a lighter, snappier experience.” Johnny Rodgers said.

With the performance improvement being a particular key when using the multiple workspaces in the existing Slack Desktop App, the company has entirely rebuilt the desktop app so that every of the underlying code is multi-workspace conscious. As a result, Slack will no longer produce a standalone copy of its workspace. But rather will reuse components and more modern codebase.

Working on this achievement for about two years now, Slack had slowly modernized parts of its code. Although it’s desktop app still runs on Electron, all of its UI parts have been modernized using React to fix some of the inadequacies of the already-available Slack App.

Along with these basic improvements, the Slack Desktop App will hence function a lot better even when you have a bad internet connection. Initially, slacks regular users are very familiar with a pop-up warning appearing when off of a Wi-Fi Connection, afterward, ongoing conversation and channel viewing are stopped.

 However, the company is not unveiling an offline mode with this desktop app but plans to cache every of your session a lot better. Henceforth, you can scroll back at messages in a channel or perhaps view the conversations you were having before the internet disruption.


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