Shoes That Flaunt Just The Big Toe Are The Latest Footwear Trend


We don’t remember when was the last time that most people actually agree on a fashion trend. With people constantly looking for ways to redefine fashion and clothing norms, we are also constantly faced with intriguing to plain ridiculous ideas.

Initially reported by DailyMail, the next fashion that’s coming this fall will most definitely set fashion fans apart. Because while we’ve had shoes that show a little of our toes, and even sandal socks now, there has been little that was made for the purpose of showing the one big toe.

Y/Projects ‘open toe’ shoe first introduced the shoes in their Spring Summer 2018 streetwear collection. It is now back and for those who are too afraid of their quirky preferences, don’t worry – this close to $1,000 footwear is selling out pretty fast.

This white leather with printed rosebuds on it retails at $985.

Models are seen catwalking with only their big toes showing out.

This plain black leather retails at only one size with the price tag $572. Sold out.

Would you try?

If people were to compare it, most recall Céline’s ‘Pirate Mule’ by Phoebe Philo. Back in 2017, the shoes also received similarly mixed response from fashion fans. But instead of revealing, the shoes concealed only the big toe.

Céline’s ‘Pirate Mule’ also retail close to $1,000 and still can be found on The Real Real and Depop.

Meanwhile, there’s also Maison Margiela’s Tabi boots.

These quirky sandals look like cloven hooves.

Many became memes.

Crimes Against Shoemanity calls out Louboutin who duped the shoes from Loewe.

All the aforementioned shoes made it to ‘Crimes against Shoemanity’ Instagram page ran by creative Rebel Royale.


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