Samsung Revealed Its Galaxy Fold Has Been Fixed And Will Be Available In September


June 24th, Samsung revealed that it has made some adjustment to
protect the Galaxy Fold’s screen and will begin selling the phone soon.

after the company delayed the retail launch of the folding phone, Samsung
equally revealed that the phone will be available in September and at the
earlier price of $1,980.

Here’s However What Samsing Acknowledged It Changed on the New Version:

The top protective layer of the Flex displaying has been extended beyond the bezel, making it apparent that it is an integral aspect of the display structure and not meant to be detached.

The Galaxy Fold also witnessed an additional reinforcement to improve and protect the folding phone from external practices while also maintain its signatory foldable experience.

Accordingly, the top and bottom of the hinge part have been reinforced with added protective caps. Meta layers below the Infinity Flex Display have also been added to strengthen the protection of the display. Now, the gap between the hinge and body of Galaxy Fold has also been reduced.

Encompassing the Protective layer might be the most significant thing Samsung should have done since many users had believed it was a screen protector while trying to peel it off damages the screen.

you look closely, you will really spot the difference. In the new version,
there’s an extra piece inside the hinge and this would certainly prevent debris
from getting into it and holding under the screen.

is a comparison of the back of the hinge. The New version is in the front.

Initially, the old galaxy Fold almost made its way to the large market, but review units started revealing that the folding phone has some serious hardware problems. Most of the reviewers had peeled off the protective film that was supposed to be permanent, thus damaging the panel. Only nature knows what would have happened if Samsung had released the phone to the general public.

Immediately, Samsung delayed the release and canceled all the pre-orders it got – this occurred on April 22nd. The company then agreed to investigate and resolve the problem with the screen. Nevertheless, if it weren’t for the screen problem, the old Galaxy Fold would have made an incredible delicate device. One that would have justified its $1,980 price. Not to worry, the device will be available in less than 60 days.


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