Ryan Reynolds Shares Pics With Animals And Still Hilariously Troll John Krasinski


If there’s one unique thing you should know about Ryan Reynolds, then it should be his intelligent sense of humor. Have you seen his recent tweets or perhaps the way he had trolled Hugh Jackman? This time around, Reynolds attempted a brother stab at his other friend, John Krasinski.

 Animal Embassy, an organization
that has dedicated to adopt and rescue exotic animals, Reynolds
created an Instagram post documenting all of his experience and the end gave it
a little twist.

Krasinski immediately responded, explaining his tender love and care issues

would be recalled that these two had really fun in the past. When Blake Lively
and Reynolds supported Krasinski and Emily Blunt’s new movie –  A Quiet Place, attending the premiere wasn’t that
sufficient. Their bond attained a new height, all thanks to the funny exchange on

friendship started when Reynolds applauded the movie on Twitter, revealing he
had seen the movie twice in one week. In addition, he revealed that Krasinski
and Blunt are ‘his new parents’

In response, Krasinski said: ‘Thank You, Son. Your Mom and I are so proud.’

A few hours later, a die-hard fan, contributed to the conversation with a picture of Reynolds photoshopped into a red carpet photo of Blunt and Krasinski.

Being the brain of the internet troll, Reynolds responded to the photo: ‘So proud mom and papa.’ He further shared the photo on his Instagram page and promoted the movie once more.

People really loved the John Krasinski troll:


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