Rugby-Mad Groom Organised Five-Minute Wedding Ceremony During Half-Time Of A Match


newlywed bride almost ended her relationship after her groom organized a
wedding that took place on a rugby pitch without inviting any of her family
in ‘Don’t Tell The Bride.’

20, who is from Devon had wanted an intimate family inclined event for her
special day, but the husband – Wesley, 22 decided to surprise her with a
five-minute wedding ceremony during a half-time.

Wesley, 22, plans his wedding to Charlotte, 20, to take place during half-time of a rugby match

union was, however, pushed to the extreme days before the wedding when Wesley
admitted that he hasn’t invited any of dearest.

he’s not even going to bother inviting my Nan?’ Charlotte rages after hearing
the information, adding that she won’t marry him. “I won’t marry him and I mean
that. I’ll move out and won’t be with him.’ She expressed her anger further.

The couple ended up tying the knot in a quick five-minute ceremony in front of 26,000 people in a rugby stadium

The pair had met in 2017 on a night in Devon and after nine months, Wesley popped up the question. And after then, the couple welcomed their baby, Lockie. Charlotte did reveal that she had her hands filled and stated  Wesley was so much harder to look after than the baby.

Wesley admitted that he hasn’t invited any of dearest

Wesley, who has beyond family life on his mind explained: “Rugby is a huge part
of my life. I’m good at it and I just love rugby more than Charlie.”

Charlotte had opted for the normal wedding celebration, Wesley admitted he
wanted her to have a taste of the rugby lifestyle.

The couple ended up getting married in a speedy five-minute ceremony during half-time at the Leicester Tiger’s rugby game 

Despite her anger, Charlotte calls the wedding day ‘the best thing ever’ and says she is ‘really proud’ of her husband

wanted Charlotte to have a taste of the same feeling I have when on the pitch. I
just believe the crowd will just be there and Charlie will be buzzing.” Wesley

The ruby groom also planned the reception in a car park and hurtles through the rest of the planning

Accordingly, the ruby groom also planned the reception in a car park and hurtles through the rest of the planning with the buying of bridesmaid dresses and Charlotte’s wedding gown.


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