Plumber’s Invoice For Repairing A 91-Year-Old Grandma’s Boiler Goes Viral


Superheroes are normally seen as exceptional beings with capes, shields, rare powers and huge body builds muscles among others.

every hero, however, needs to have all of the aforementioned. Some are dressed
in just a plumber’s clothing. And for instance, a Plumber from Burnley, Lancashire
gained a deserved recognition
for his deed.

Anderson was made known by a client’s daughter who posted an invoice she
received from her mother.
The plumber waived the bill of a 91-Year-Old woman suffering from terminal

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The 52-Year-Old, Anderson is a father of five and a grandfather to three. He was called to repair Christine Anne Rowland’s mother’s boiler. Immediately, the work was completed, the woman requested how much she would be paying but instead was promised an invoice. Emailed to her, Rowlands was taken by surprise at the total of the invoice reading £0.

The major reason behind Anderson
generosity was when he discovered that Rowland’s mother is a cancer
patient. So instead of billing her £480, he decided to waive off the bill.

His kind gesture is however not an
out-of-the-way show, but part of Anderson greater Initiative. Two years ago,
the plumber had established a non-profit titled Depher CIC whose main goal is
to carry out free plumbing services to disabled customers, seniors and people
that have been forgotten.

Since it launched, the initiative, according to Anderson has assisted over 2,000 individuals in need. Nevertheless, the heroic deed of James Anderson cannot be ignored.

His invoice went really viral as people across the world were praising him for serving his community wholeheartedly.


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