Planes Are Dropping Tons Of Carrots And Potatoes For Hungry Animals In Australia


Planes are presently being used to feed thousands of
starving wildlife stranded amid the ongoing Australian

The New South Wales government embarked on the food-drops,
giving out thousands of kilograms of carrots and potatoes from above in a bid
to feed the state’s animals.

The NSW National parks and wildlife service also recently
launched the Operation Rock Wallaby to tackle the at-risk nature of the state’s
marsupial population.

Spending the past week completing the food drops, the park’s service in total has dropped over 2,200kg of fresh vegetables for the critters.

Involving the rock wallaby colonies in the Capertree, Wolgan valleys, Yengo National Park, the Oxley wild rivers, the Curracubundi national park as well as the Kangaroo valley, NSW Environment Minister, Matt Kean revealed the animals have fled the fires and are left without any source of food.

‘The wallabies survived the fire itself, but then were stranded with limited natural food as the fire had taken out the vegetation around their rocky habitat. They were under stress from the ongoing drought, resulting in a challenging survival without assistance.’ Matt Keen explained.

Admitting they will be keeping an eye on the native species
in a bid to check on their progress as part of the post-bushfire
recovery process, Kean added: ‘When we can, we will be setting up cameras
to monitor the uptake of the food as well as the figure of the animals present.’

Concern Animals Australia Spokeswoman –Lyn White added: ‘With the roads likely to shut down for weeks, the risk of hunger for the surviving animals in the area is very real. It would be sad if there was a further loss of life once their needs are not being met.’


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