Person Shares Personal Experience Of Trying To Get A CT Scan In USA And It’s Annoying


Is the US Healthcare
system really hard to comprehend?

Well, Adam Weinstein’s personal experience says it all!

Adam, a European planned on getting a computerized tomography, popularly known as CT-Scan, but unexpectedly went through so much trouble.

Sharing the whole experience to Twitter, Adam at first thought it was all a simple task and wanted to learn if he could save money. Instead of finding answers to his questions, he ended up stumbling on more questions.

In the end, Adam managed to get to the bottom of it all, proving that sometimes one has to be pained in order to get what’s rightly yours. Adam, however, expects internet users to learn from his viral thread.

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‘It was the first time using insurance. I acquired it on the Exchange in December and since I work remotely hinged on a contract basis with my New-York based employer, working hard and struggling got me covered through their NY benefits.’ Adam explained.

Earlier, Adam went almost 365days without having a full-time employer or any health coverage, and expectedly his health suffered. Speaking to Bored Panda, Adam added: ‘ I am actually the first person in my family ever to have insurance. My parents are self-employed and mostly avoid doctors, but pay in cash anytime they need care. Every of my insurance experience over my career has been similar to this one. The least bad experience was using Tricare in campus clinics and in the Military.’

Having gone through the hassle, Adam didn’t really blame the
staff. He continued: ‘Most of the individuals I have worked with, in insurance and
in clinics are undoubtedly sympathetic, but are also constrained. A particular
insurance representative spent almost an hour with me, calling clinics to set
up a procedure as well as necessary approvals, but a colleague of theirs mishandled

Adam revealed the colleague blamed the American Health System, dubbing it a Batshit Insane Patchwork of Privileged, Cash-Hovering Cartels and Fiefdoms. Nevertheless, a December poll by Gallup revealed Americans prefer a healthcare system hinged on private insurance over a government-run healthcare system.

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