Patty Jenkins Reveals Where ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Trailer Premiere Happens


Who’s excited for ‘Wonder Woman 1984’? A lot of good things about the series is being brought back to this reboot of the heroine. After quite the tease on the new look of Wonder Woman’s golden armor, we now know that the trailer is not so far away.

Director Patty Jenkins revealed where and, indirectly, when the trailer is going to drop. Taking to Twitter, Jenkins wrote, “So excited to bring #WW84 to the fans in Brazil! And the world! Tune in, and see you soon #CCXP!”

CCXP is short for Comic-Con Experience that is usually held in Brazil. And we’ve previously known that the next CCXP event from Business Wire that it’ll be held on December 8, 2019.

The reboot for ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ will cast Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Connie Nielsen, and Robin Wright back reprising their roles back. Gal Gadot is Diana and Wonder Woman, Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, Robin Wright as Antiope and Connie Nielsen is Hippolyta.

‘Wonder Woman 1984’ is scheduled for release to theaters on June 5, 2020.


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