Owner Slammed For Decorating Dog To Look Like A Skeleton During A Festival


Glow Cotton Candy the poodle looks so ready and dressed up for ‘Dia de Muertos’ festival in Quebec. It’s an event which is similar to ‘Day of the Dead’ in Mexico.

Her owner, Samantha Hum, has spent quite some time getting her poodle ready for the event. She showed off her hard work on the Internet and while many complimented the very neat work on her dog, some weren’t as amused.

Glow Cotton Candy was visibly shaking in her video.

The video had set off a lot of people into a rage. One user said, “That’s gone too far and I don’t like the look, it’s stupid. I feel sorry for the dog.”

Another added, “This is not cute or cool. It’a living thing not a toy. I think the owner knows its wrong.”

“This looks very uncomfortable and cruel, it’s like those toddlers in tiaras whose moms dress them up in skimpy clothes,” says another.

Another said, “Your dog doesn’t want to be dressed up and paraded. Why do people feel the need to do this? Why don’t you shave bits of your own hair off and post a picture of yourself?”

Despite the negative lash back, Samantha argues that a lot of people praised her work.

Samantha says that her dog has been participating in dog shows since she was five weeks old.

“Glow Cotton Candy is slightly shaking because she is anticipating the handful of treats I had used to get her to follow the camera. She is a trained professional and groomed very often.

“All products used are pet safe, the gems are stickers and were only used for the post due to their size. This type of grooming is done in short sessions over a few days or weeks. No different for the dog than a normal grooming session.

“I do not need to force her to do anything because she loves to get pampered. She has been groomed and trained for this since five weeks of age and she’s turning four in February. She’s a very well-loved and happy dog.”

What do you guys think? Is this too much for a dog? Or did Samantha train her really well and has been holding some tasty treats that Cotton Candy couldn’t wait to eat?


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