Over 4,000 Mad Max Fans Gather In California Desert For Wasteland Weekend


Every year, a post-apocalyptic world erupts into life as rough looking people in desert outfits walk and drive their way into Mojave Desert in California. This festival that is called ‘Wasteland Weekend’ is a Mad Max-inspired event and this years makes it the tenth anniversary.

It began in 2010 by Karol Bartoszynski, Jared Butler and James Howard who invited participants to wear and prepare themselves as if the world has ended. Green Lemon compiles the best pictures from the event.

Located near a defunct Nevada nuclear test site where 928 nuclear warheads were tested, people enter the Desert in costumes.

Those who love to be stuck in a fantasy where the world ended like in Mad Max will love the campsites, vehicles and lots of fire being breathed in here.

Post-apocalyptic garb with Miss Giddy.

A battle cage called ‘Death Guild Thunderdome’ was held last year.

The battle cage invite participants to fight each other with life-like weapons.

You can also barter your items or purchase with themed bottle caps that are available during event.

One of the founder, Jared Butler, talked to Mojave Desert News regarding the event.

“We have a broad demographic in terms of ages, backgrounds and interests. People are drawn to the event for many different reasons and we didn’t want to set the barrier to entry so high that they couldn’t attend.

“If they only want a little bit of immersive, they can stay in the camp area. For the fully immersive experience there is still the city behind the gates,” he added.

“It’s not about making everything look great, it’s about the experience we can give to the attendee.”

The requirement to enter the ground is to dressed up and you can get your make-up done at event-provided saloon.

Replicas of weapons can be brought it as long as they do not fire.

Many brought their old cars and decorate them for the event.

This War Boy is circling the perimeter on his car.

While it’s a fully immersive event, many can stay inside campgrounds or indoor and decorate the interior.

And here’s the car cruise!

Temperature here can go between 100F or 38C during the day to 57F or 14C at night.

A woman dancing in a cage on the second-last day of the festival.

There are even fake police cars to improve the immersion of the festival.

A lot of events take place here from live bands to swimsuit contests.

Well, now I know where I want to go for next year’s Summer holiday – a place where the world has ended.


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