Netflix About To Crack Down On Users Who Share Login Details


How many of us wish to just borrow someone’s Netflix account when we only want to watch one movie? The temptation is strong, especially when the chances of Netflix and chill with friends are low. Others just prefer to use one Netflix screen for the whole family but on multiple devices, since it’s easy to arrange between themselves.

But on the other hand, this leads the company to lose money on potential viewers because they’re not paying for the services at all. And the users willingly share their login account.

Netflix users will be monitored. Or maybe we’ve always been monitored?

As a Netflix user who subscribed to a 4-screen deal with 3 other friends, this did not come out as a surprise. Each of us pays less than $4 to enjoy the service anywhere, anytime and the surprise is actually the fact that some people are not willing to pay for it.

AI technology that tracks this was unveiled during CES (consumer technology conference) 2019 in Las Vegas. The AI is able to pinpoint whether an account is being shared with others or not. Synamedia reveals that more than a quarter of millennials share their accounts with others.

If you’re wondering why Netflix increased the price, it could be accounted for the fact that some have shared theirs as an ‘act of kindness’. Netflix calculated the loss can reach up to $9.9billion (£7.6bn) in revenues by 2021.

Important to point out, Netflix is pointing towards people who let more than the number of screens allowed to log in. This means you may have paid for the 3-screen deal but have let 2 additional friends in. This means that aside from the three of you, your two other friends can enjoy using Netflix whenever you are not watching.


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