Marvel Rumors Of ‘Nova’ Appearance In Phase 5


He’s a forgotten hero, but those who are loyal followers of Marvel stories will recognize this name as someone related to the Guardians of the Galaxy. One distinct information about this particular hero is that he wasn’t created by Stan Lee, but Marv Wolfman back in the 1960s.

Nova was introduced in Super Adventures magazine as alien doctor Denteen who could switch power every 5 minutes through pills he found in a spaceship. He was rewritten by Wolfman and Marvel artist John Romita as a member of the intergalactic police force with enhanced power and resistance to injuries.

He became part of The New Warriors and during his adventures, he met Guardians of the Galaxy.

There have been several rumors spiraling over his appearance in Phase 5, despite Phase 4 only been recently announced. The first movie of the phase, ‘Black Widow’ will kick it off on May 2020. Phase 4 is also lined up with new superheroes and characters which will build up towards a new line of Avengers.


Of course, these are all rumors, but one that has been circulating multiple media outlets. Take it with a grain salt, because you never know.


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