Man Declines To Pay $126 For His Date’s Food, So She Shows Her True Colors


The universe is really clamoring
for a change in the aspect of guys paying for everything to girls being not-the-materialistic
type. Anyways, if you seek for a good guy that will cater for your family while
you take full responsibility of your kids, he should definitely have some level
decency to treat you to a couple of night dinners.

Well, it’s absolutely fine and even
more polite for ladies to also treat their guy on a date or vacation once in a
while. No one will mock nor condemn you for such action and on the other hand,
it should be a form of embarrassment on the guy. Since you put in efforts in
making sure your friend’s birthday is a success, why then should it be a
problem in taking out your guy on a date or dinner.

Just so you know, an old fashioned lady I am about to tell her story via this article will blow your mind. Not only did this lady invite the guy for dinner, but she also felt it in the right place for any gentleman to pay for her dinner. Unfairly-fine, but to impress a partner – you as a person also need to put quite an effort before expecting a reward. Well, Well, Well, this particular guy declined and shared some screenshots under Reddit User u/CuteBananaMuffin.

Lady rejected guy’s second date offer to make up for the first and you’ll certainly agree with me that the guy is not trying to appease her for that.

findemaxa (Not the actual image)

Acknowledging that the date really went fine, the guy explained:  “The date was going on fine until she started talking about another guy and how much she liked him, but I felt ‘let’s eat, talk and leave since she’s already into another guy and it all did crumble when the bill came.”

He added: “She was actually
shocked that I allowed her to pay. She didn’t utter any word at that time, but
from her face look, I knew she was angry. I normally pay for both sides when it
comes to the bill, but presently I am a student and I’ve to work for 60hours a
week to pay for books and food, so I couldn’t afford to pay 110 euros for her

“I asked for another date to
apologize for the previous time, but I am hoping we can go somewhere cheaper so
that I can make up for it. But as you can see, the outcome was pretty bad.”

What a date! But is this guy at fault?

Anyway, Here’s What People Are


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