Lion King 2019 vs. 1994: 25 Differences Hardcore Fans Noticed


The hyper-realistic Lion King this year has divided fans into two sides. Those who have watched the animation are particularly opinionated in the differences and whether or not Disney pulled it off with their new movies. Here are 25 differences you will notice as a kid who loved ‘The Lion King’ from 1994.

As for now, ‘The Lion King’ is streamable in some countries through Netflix.

1. Fruit becomes root

Rafiki breaks open a fruit from which he gets red liquid that he draws on little Simba. In the new live-action, Rafiki was seen ripping roots and gaining red dust from then instead.

2. Scar wants Sarabi

In the animation, Scar never showed personal interest in taking Sarabi as his lioness. But in the remake, Scar suggested his desire by saying, “As you know, I have tremendous respect for the queen.” Later in the movie, he proposed that Sarabi becomes his Queen.

3. Scar challenged Mufasa

It was unknown why Scar had always been that isolated lion who seems to be filled with envy and jealousy. Zazu mentioned that he should have been banished years ago and the new remake clears us that he once challenged Mufasa and lost. But Mufasa could not banish him, so he stayed in Pride Lands.

In the animation, Scar said that he wouldn’t dream to challenge Mufasa because he has the ‘brute strength’ advantage.

4. ‘Everything the light touches.’

Simba was a proud little kid who ‘can’t wait to be King’. Mufasa once sat down with him and said that everything the light touches is their kingdom. In the new remake, Mufasa’s line was reworded into explaining that as a King, he will be the protector of the land instead of owning it (Pocahontas, anyone?).

5. Elephant graveyard trap

Simba was a daring cub and he loves going to places that can prove his worth. Scar’s reverse psychology in the remake added a little more convincing tactic by hinting that adult lions visit there, taunting Simba to go there to become an adult.

6. Less colorful

Those who have watched the animation will remember Mufasa and Simba who have similar character designs but very different facial features. Scar, on the other hand, has a black mane. Several scenes, especially the one where Simba sings about his excitement to become a king in ‘I Just Can’t Wait to Be King’.

7. Shenzi and friends

Everyone recognizes the hilarious (and slightly dumb) hyenas, Shenzi and friends. In the animation, they are Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed. Ed mostly laughs, and Shenzi is the only female who also seems to look like the alpha, but they most of the time act like equal-friends. In the remake, Shenzi is clearly the alpha and the other two are her subordinates.

8. Less humorous hyenas

What most people recall from the hyenas in ‘The Lion King’ is that they are followers of Scar who like to joke and make slightly annoying jokes to Scar. They were also members of Scar’s march when he sang ‘Be Prepared’ and these smiles are the most iconic of them.

But the remake turns them into hungry and angry hyenas who don’t make puns and are more sadistic in nature.

9. ‘Be Prepared’ remade

Scar’s solo performance was not only cut short – it changed significantly and there was no more exploding sulphuric substances or hyenas march. The new lyrics are as below:

“Mufasa is yesterday’s message,
A clapped-out, distracted regime
Whose failings undoubtedly presage
The need for a different dream.
Yes, leonine times are a-changin’
Which means that hyenas must too.
My vision is clear and wide-ranging
And even encompasses you.”

10. Work on his roar

Scar told Simba to work on his roar and while waiting for a fake surprise from Mufasa and as he waits, Scar sent a signal for the hyenas to scare the wildebeests. In the remake, Scar simply said that he will come back to check on him in the gorge.

11. Go get help or not

Scar prevented Zazu from getting help by slapping him to a rock with his backhand while the remake had him encouraging Zazu to get help and killed them before they arrive.

12. Hyenas thought Simba was dead

In the animation, Simba rolled down the hill and crawled his way out of the thorn bushes the hyenas refused to go through to get him. They simply threatened him if he ever returned. In the remake, they thought he fell to his death and didn’t confirm the kill.

13. More outcasts

After Simba was rescued, he meets Timon and Pumbaa and learns that there are more outcasts in the oasis. But the animation didn’t show much about the new ecosystem aside from the fact that Simba has been protecting the two from being eaten by other predators.

14. ‘Not in front of the kids.’

Meta joke time: Pumbaa said ‘farted’ which was stopped by Timon in 1994 during the singing ‘Hakuna Matata’. He also looked surprised to have been allowed to say that.

15. Circle of Life dogma

The idea of the ‘Circle of Life’ is that all animals go round in life – lions die, decompose and gives life to the land which grows grass for antelopes to eat. Lions eat antelopes and it continues. Meanwhile, Timon in the remake points out that in a food chain, lions stand on top of the pyramid. Maybe it was never a circle, but a straight line.

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