Lion King 2019 vs. 1994: 25 Differences Hardcore Fans Noticed Pt. 2


Continuation of part 1 here.

16. Queen Sarabi

Scar proposes Sarabi to become his queen, but he declines and threatened that hyenas will get to eat first before lions. In the animation, deleted scenes show that Scar makes creepy advances to Nala in the thought that having his own cubs will make him loved and eternal.

17. Nala’s escape

Nala sneaked out of Pride Lands to find help in the animation, but it was simply in her words, while the remade had her sneaking out with Zazu’s help.

18. ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight’

So, some people think this is Nala inviting Simba to her grass-bed, but the scene is cut after they necked. Although, not much time pass and nothing actually sexual was implied (except that this made it clear that Nala loves Simba in more than just friends way).

The song was sung in daylight for the remake and none of this look was seen (or well, they couldn’t if they wanted to with all the hyper-realistic CGI effect).

19. Simba’s hair

The show had Rafiki realizing that Simba still alive after he got wind about it quite literally. Simba who slumped and blew the grass and flowers away showed the wind taking them through the land to Rafiki’s hand. But the remake had to add details such as being eaten and pooped out.

20. No more old Kings looking down form above.

Mufasa himself said that the old kings watch over them from above and Mufasa was pictured as a silhouette who returns and talk Simba some sense to return and take his place back in the circle of life. The touching reunion was scraped and we could only hear Mufasa talks to Simba, but not see him.

21. Beyoncé sings ‘Spirit’

And this is the most obvious addition because who doesn’t know Beyoncé’s new song from the movie? Even people who don’t watch it knows this is a new song which wasn’t there in the animation. Originally planned to be put in the credit, the song was added in the movie instead.

22. Be Our Guest

The animation had Timon and Pumbaa singing something similar to a Hawaiian tune while the remake had them sing ‘Be Our Guest’ from Beauty and the Beast.

23. Scar’s lies

Mufasa made Scar confesses that he killed Mufasa, not him. But the remake had the lioness sniffs out his lies when Scar, who claimed to arrive at the gorge late but recalls the fear in Mufasa’s eyes.

24. Nala vs Shengzi

Nala and Shenzi fought as rivals where Nala won and tosses her off the cliff. Shenzi survived and gave the order to kill Scar.

25. Simba’s killing move

Simba and Scar had one final showdown where Simba judo flip Scar who fell under the cliff and became food for the hyenas. The dramatic fight between the lions had this ‘gruesome’ vibe.

In the remake, Simba wrestles and swipe him until he falls off the cliff. Both still has Scar dies in the hand of the hyenas, although Simba is still the same person who pulled the trigger and the show made hungry hyenas the bullets.


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