Lion Dad Crouches Down To Meet His Cub For The First Time And It’s Too Adorable


Cats are such an enigma. They can be completely ignorant of humans and their activities but are shenanigans in their own ways. You can throw them a hundred kinds of toys, but they’ll know the best way to disappoint you is to sit in the boxes and chew those paper wrappers.

We know the best way to make your day a hundred times better and that’s by sharing a cat video. Cats of all sizes are just as adorable and we know this one is going to win you over just as easy.

Still, unnamed (Meru, Moremi or Tatu? You choose!) cub met his father, Tobias, in Denver Zoo for the first time.

As seen in most of these pictures the cub has been spending a lot of time with its mother, Neliah. It’s the first time he’s met other adults like his father and half-sister, Kamara.

Denver Zoo often posts videos titled ‘cubdates’ that show the life of their lion cubs. The cub is yet named and they are letting the public choose for them. It’s between Meru which is based on a Tanzanian mountain, Moremi which comes from a game reserve in Botswana and Tatu which is Swahili for ‘3’ (he is the third of Neliah’s offspring).

In order to boost conservation efforts, these cute videos of lion cubs and giving him a good debut will encourage people to show more support to protecting African lions.

Watch the video below:

Cubdate 5!

This week’s Meru, Moremi or Tatu #cubdate comes with some exciting news: the cub has met his dad, Tobias, and big sister Kamara! Already 12 lbs, this little lion is climbing up the ranks in the world – as in he literally loves climbing everything and that includes Aunt Sabi and Kamara! Want to help us name him? Stop by the Zoo to cast your vote or make a donation online! Here’s how:

Posted by Denver Zoo on Friday, September 6, 2019

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