Joker Viewers Around The World Walked Out Of Theaters And Urge Cinemas To Ban It


It’s already weird that people are getting paranoid over ‘Joker’ due to its violent theme of a man who might seem like he’s glamorizing it. It gets even weirder than the movie repeatedly requested to be banned even after Todd Phillips pointed out it is, in all respect, comparable to John Wick which had killed hundreds.

Despite the fear, this R-rated villain movie broke box office records, grossing $39.9 million domestically and close to $92 million worldwide.

It was already breaking the record on its initial screening on Thursday.

Viewers are seen flocking TCL Chinese Theatre.

The fear is on its height, but so far, no actual violence has been reported during screenings thanks to police officers on high alert at theaters. Disruptions, yes, but no guns and injured civilians. A theater in Huntington Beach, California cancelled two screenings Thursday night after a threat.

Screenings resumed on Friday as scheduled and it’s been pretty peaceful so far.

Weird people exist, however. One man was spitting and clapping when Joker kills, prompting policemen to escort him out.

After buying the ticket, these people decided they wanted to walk out of the theater.

Of course, there are also people who could not take the violence and dark take on Joker who turned evil after faced with the highly independent and ignorant society of Gotham city. One wrote, “If I didn’t see Joker with a friend I probably would’ve walked out of the theater thinking someone should tell Trump to shut up… White dude next to me walked out of Joker in the last few minutes of the movie had me a little shook not gonna lie…”

Joaquin Phoenix was faced with a question he couldn’t answer regarding the fear that is currently widespread.

Todd Phillips was surprised to see that many are being bothered by his take on the villain, considering there way more movies with more brutal violence scenes and glamorization of guns.

“Isn’t it a good thing to take away the cartoon element about the violence that we’ve become so immune to? I was a little surprised when it turns into that direction, that it’s irresponsible. Because to me, it’s very responsible to make it feel real and make it have weight and implications,” says the director.

You can watch ‘Joker’ now as it plays in theaters worldwide since October 4th.


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