‘Joker’ Has Become A Box Office Smash Despite Theaters Banning Screenings


‘Joker’ is sitting on a total gross domestic earnings of $137,7 million as of October 10th this Thursday. Walking out of the theater, the movie that has been ironically banned several times due to fear of violence and suspicious threats, has only brought curiosity to the people who may not had interest in the movie otherwise.

‘Joker’ nailed $39,3 million on its first day of screening on October 4th which subsequently drops throughout the weekend. It picked up itself back on Tuesday with $13,9 million, but the number has gone down after that. It has currently grossed $140,1 million internationally and have earned $277,8 million worldwide for its first week.

While the story of ‘Joker’ is not a bright one, it’s possibly among the last that will remain in dark tones from DC Universe. As previously Zack Snyder’s directed ‘Man of Steel’ and ‘Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice’ did not receive quite the positive feedback from their over-serious tones.

Needless to say, Todd Phillips attention to mood, ambient and atmosphere as well as stellar acting by Joaquin Phoenix were also reasons this movie deserve views.

Despite deliberate change of pace, ‘Suicide Squad’ by David Ayer was enjoyable for its positive tones, but not for the writings. Viewers feedback were, however, hopeful as Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn became a favorite character. James Gunn has returned with his own total reboot of the movie while bringing back favorite casts.


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