‘Joker’ Currently Has The Similar IMDB Ratings As ‘The Dark Knight’


Currently, the Dark Knight has a rating of 9.0 out of 10 hinged on 2,107,241 votes and 45% have given it 10 stars on the IMDb.

Likewise, the Joker also has an equal rating of 9.0 hinged on a much lesser 162,345,  and with a percentage of 56%, voters gave the phoenix film 10 stars.

While the ‘Joker’ film recently came out a few days ago, The Dark Knight equally has 11 years and over 2 million votes behind it.

might, however, change their minds or reassess the flick over time, hence the numbers
on Joker might change in the long run as more individuals will be seeing the
movie, contributing to the present total.

However, Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck is recognized as a mentally unbalanced social reject with a brain injury who can’t control fits of happiness, often at a tragic moment.

Since rejected by the society, he became a vigilante and in turn joined the Gotham City Criminal Underground and became the truly deranged Joker DC fans have come to anticipate for.


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