Iron Man Statue Dubbed ‘Man Of Steel’ In Italy Pays Tribute To Tony Stark’s Death In Endgame


the conclusion of Avengers:
Endgame, Tony Stark made a huge sacrifice to rescue the world by using an
Infinity Gauntlet to snap out Thanos and his soldiers. Eventually, he couldn’t survive
the power of the gauntlet.

via Marvel Studios

after the movie hits the theaters, Marvel
fans across the world had offered several means of honoring Iron Man in the
Marvel Cinematic Universe. The recent, as disclosed by Krypton
, is a statue of Iron Man instituted in the town of Forte dei Marmi in
Tuscany, Italy.

sculpted Iron Man image was made out of polished glass and steel.

via kryptonradio/Twitter

‘Man of Steel’ – the Iron Man statue was molded by Daniele Basso for an ‘Oltre
Verso’ Art Exhibition that opened in August. Placed on the monument is a plaque
that has the following description:

is the first monument dedicated to Iron man in the year of his death in MCU. We
appreciate and celebrate Tony Stark who has dedicated his life’s fortune to
battle for the ideals he had faith in….. Reminding us that we’re all the heroes
of our time. And that the future of humanity largely depends on our decisions
that all of us must be heroes.”

via danielebassoart/Instagram

via danielebassoart/Instagram
via MIAmarket_Rome/Twitter

Shared by the artist on Instagram, the images have garnered over thousands of likes/comments and based on Twitter reactions as well, the Oltre Verso Organizers might have to prepare for a new entry of tourists.

via danielebassoart/Instagram

via danielebassoart/Instagram

Being hopeful, some other fans are expecting to see a heavy metal sculpture of another Avenger -Thor before/by September end.


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