iPhone 2020 Will Be The Next Big Thing Competitors Want to Follow


Apple has not been doing great and 2019 will be a lesson that not only do businessmen learn from, but will also be in textbooks how giant companies which seemed as if they have monopolized the market, can easily be shoved aside.

iPhone sales dropped so low in 2018 that they were threatened with the fine worth hundreds of millions of dollars. 1.4 billion iPhones were closely at risk of exposure, but Apple will turn everything around in 2020.

Apple canceled their 5.8 inch iPhones which was a smart step / 9to5Mac

Before Jonathan Ive left the company after 30 years, he left one amazing design that will lit up the eyes of Apple fans.

Concept design for iPhone in 2020 / EVERYTHINGAPPLEPRO

They are replacing it with a new flagship that is 5.4-inch small. This is a radical move because Apple has finally got themselves together. Smartphone sales have not just been dropping for Apple alone. Globally, 2018 has seen almost 10% of sales drop in smartphones.

The reason? There has been very little innovation and radical changes – everything has always been an upgrade. More and better cameras, larger and better screens, better fingerprint scanners. But nothing new gave the same excitement when Steve Jobs suggests simplicity to be the next big thing.

Swedish graphic designer Max Rudberg proposed what the new iPhone 5.4 will look like compared to iPhone XE, iPhone XS and the canceled iPhone 5.8. It looks slightly bigger, but it will have much-reduced bezel which gives it a larger screen people love.

Every other rival has been going with the idea that bigger is better – 6″ and even bigger phones don’t fit in our pockets no more. Apple learns this the hard way when their 6.1-inch iPhone XR cannibalized their other models because of the size that is not good enough for a phablet, but too small to be a phone that fits the pocket.

Fancy is good, but the price has not been competitive with the other models which offer high-spec models at much more affordable prices.

The new model brings about everything we liked about Apple – exclusivity, compact and different. They are also finally bringing about the attention of people who have always preferred something that easily fits their pocket. These are the group of people who have been neglected of their preference of a high-end, smooth iPhone that can be easily held with one hand.


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