Instagram Star Breaks Down In Tears After Her Account Is Deleted Over A Baby Bump Photo


Instagram is going mad and so are a bunch of fans right now.

Australia Instagram star Sally Mustang from Byron Bay is expecting her first child with husband Mitch Gobel. She has been uploading pictures of baby bumps with her husband from the excitement on Instagram. But one day, she suddenly lost her account.

Deemed to be ‘sexual’ Sally Mustang her account which had more than 300k followers. It was reported that she was naked in bath with her bump and the picture was reported as such.

Sally, a yoga teacher, then cried in a video uploaded to Mitch’s account. She uploaded a part of the video on Instagram.

“It makes my heart so sore, and I’m really scared. I’m five months pregnant and my whole livelihood has disappeared.”

The pregnancy announcement took place in both accounts. Mitch, in one of his upload, said, “Words can hardly describe how thrilled, humbled and honoured I am. Sal and I are having a baby. As it happens, Sals just over 19 weeks pregnant and everything is happy and healthy.”

Sally set up a temporary account for herself and uploaded this single picture of her with her bump.

UPDATE: Good news! Sally Mustang’s old account was returned! Now all of you readers can head directly to her account to check out her last controversial post.


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