Identical Twin Models, 20, Reveal Exactly What They Eat In A Day That Anyone Can Follow


Identical twins Renee and Elisha Herbert have gotten even more famous now that they revealed their diet. The Queensland-based supermodels dispersed the myth that models don’t eat with easy-to-make vegan meals. Their ‘most requested’ video reveals what they have for breakfast up to their dinner.

Renee began by revealing, “We don’t normally eat a big breakfast because when we do our energy dips. We usually have big dinners instead.”

The models began with a smoothie glass of banana, frozen berries, ginger, Tropeaka protein, hemp seeds, maca powder, chia seeds, and spinach. They blend them in a Nutribullet and Elisha chimed in that her dermatologist said hemp seeds and maca powder makes her skin glow.

Buddha bowl – a dish of vegetables and protein assortments.

They have a bowl of tomatoes, broccolini, carrot, spinach, mushrooms, cucumber, zucchini, cauliflower rice, avocado and peanut satay tofu. While it is vegan, the girls revealed a huge bowl of the ingredients that show they had quite the portion! The mix them in a container and eat at a local beach.

After that, they enjoy cauliflower fried rice with rice paper rolls, served with kombucha and ended them with some red wine.

The Herbert twin has been posting pictures since they were 14.

They each have 10,000 followers and were picked up by fashion brand Peppermayo and have almost two million followers together in 6 years’ time. They now work for major brands from Calvin Klein to Princess Polly. The girls are actually triplets with their brother preferring a private life as a Nanoscience student at UNSW.

Even the girls themselves originally wanted to become marine biologists before they got into modelling.

But this life is now without its own pressures.

Renee said, “I think comparing yourself to other people and other models is a tough thing – you don’t feel as confident.” Elisha also added, “Girls are really competitive these days… especially if you’re involved in the influencer space.”


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