HTC Plans To Revive Old Wildfire Brand For New Phones, Leak Reveals


Notwithstanding its flagship smartphone coming to an end, HTC is however not done with releasing phones. Four of its upcoming smartphones have been leaked through the Russian Website, Rozetked.

And it appears as though HTC is planning to revive its Old Wildfire Band that has been on the low for about eight years now. Since the release of HTC Wildfire S in the year 2011,  the company garnered 10.7 percent of the global smartphone market when compared to the 0.05 percent it has presently.

While the HTC Wildfire S had a 3.2 Inch Screen and a 512MB of Ram, there’s something else about the leaked handsets as suggested to be a return of HTC glory days. 

The four leaked smartphones, however, include the Wildfire, Wildfire E Plus, Wildfire E and the Wildfire E1. Specifically, two of the handset features teardrop notches while about three have a dual rear-facing camera – all of which combined has a resolution of 720p screens and mid-range specifications.

The HTC Wildfire E and Wildfire E Plus set to feature a traditional-looking pair of bezels.

currently no price tag attached to the handsets, but the handsets might be a budget
or mid-range devices. Till it’s launched though!

the company – Rozekted has proven itself severally to be a reliable source of
leaks in time past. Just last year, the company leaked both the Pixel 3A and
Pixel 3 XL months before the announcement was made by Google.

Apart from the four upcoming handsets, a report also claims that HTC has equally registered the names Wildfire E3, Wildfire E3 Plus, Wildfire E2, Wildfire E2 Plus, Wildfire R and Wildfire R Plus with a commission – known as the Eurasian Economic Commission, adding that there’s however more to the Wildfire Brand Revival than the four upcoming handsets.


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