Hilariously Adorable Comics About A Little Kitten And Ex-Military Dog Will Make Your Day


Ever heard of Pixie and Brutus? No? You should really be living under the rock, but fear not for you will love it. The pair are so different in age, size, personalities, and attitude. Yet, Brutus the ex-military dog is completely fond of the little one, seeking out to keep Pixie safe from any harm. Meanwhile, Pixie remains an airheaded kitty as she always is!

We from Green Lemon has compiled some of the early meetings of the two and really hope you’d love to check out more about them in the future by following Pet Foolery!

1. The ex-militant meets the innocent one!

2. The ex-militant gets a house tour.

3. Will Pixie grow up to be like him?

Did you like it? Did you like it? If you love pet-themed comics, you’ll certainly love how this guy draws hilarious steps to feed your cats pills. Well, we certainly like these comics and like these live dogs and cats even more!


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