Healthcare Workers Share Pics Of Face Injuries Due To Overtime That Show Their Battle On The Frontlines


WHO has announced Covid-19 as a pandemic and countries with confirmed infections are doing all they can to reduce the spread. Healthcare workers are overwhelmed day by day as people surge into hospitals and several require constant care.

There are currently 296,890 confirmed cases of the novel virus all around the world. Italy currently has the highest number of active cases of 54,030 per today’s date, March 25. Following in closely in 2nd place in the US with 53,772 confirmed cases.

Below we can see healthcare workers doing their best to help and sacrificing a lot on their own.

The man on the right is Dr. Nicola Sgarbi, a 35-year-old doctor from Modena, Italy. With more than 3,000 critical cases currently in the country, Dr. Sgarbi took this picture after he spent 13 hours in the ICU. The picture went viral with more than 240k likes and 74k shares.

A doctor posts a picture on Facebook with this caption: I don’t love selfies. Yesterday, though, I took this photo. After 13 hours in ICU after taking off all my protective devices, I took a selfie.

I am not and I don’t feel like a hero. I am a normal person, who loves his job and who, now more than ever, is proud and proud to do it by giving all himself on the forefront lines together with other wonderful people (doctors, nurses, technicians, cleaners).

Even so, they try to make the best out of everything!

“Greetings from the front lines of COVID-19 at Johns Hopkins Hospital ICU!”


This picture was shared on Reddit by 25-year-old Sherry Dong. She works as a nurse and took this picture with a colleague in gowns and gloves with face shields. She and colleague work at Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland.

Even if they don’t feel like heroes, for us, they are the frontlines who will care for when they’re needed to.

The Covid-19 number of infected will continue to increase for at least a few weeks to come. With people able to spread the diseases even under asymptomatic (infected, but without symptoms), social distancing has been put in order in several countries to curb the numbers.

We are very thankful for the hard work these healthcare workers are putting. Let’s stay home because they have stayed at work for us.


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