Guy Shared 44 African Architecture That Aren’t Showcased Compared To European And Asian


Gothic, Byzantine and Modernist among others! We’re all familiar with several
different styles of the Western Architecture, mainly because they are usually

The Pagodas of East Asia, as well as the Ottoman Style mosques, are nor recognized as well as the temples of the pre-colonial civilizations that tend to flourish in Central and South America.

The glories of the African Architecture are however frequently shamed and overlooked and sadly, it is a sign of a larger problem for a continent that is rich in diversity, culture as well as in international media. Reports from the same continent have been hinged on issues that emphasize diseases, war, and poverty.

But to elevate the glory of the African Continent once more, a twitter account called ‘‘Igbo Excellence’ – (the ‘Igbos’ people are an ethnic group from the South and Eastern Nigeria), decided it’s best to showcase some of African’s best architecture and interestingly, his thread did go viral as people began to appreciate all of the overlooked gemstones.

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