Guy Insults Canada, But A Grateful Girl Defends It With Some Harsh Truths


The Great White North is called so for a reason. Canada is an amazing country, cold, but amazing with sufficient support for its people and a rather peaceful place compared to their brethren in the south. The US is such an influential country but because of that, it has also often been the target of criticism and terrorist attacks.

Twitter user Doubles Connoisseur tweeted that she’s so grateful that her parents decided to emigrate to Canada not the US. That tweet alone got 44.8k likes and 3.7k retweets.

That’s cool, you know, we do have to be grateful about what we’ve experienced. But a certain man didn’t like that.

He probably hates moose, cold weather and bacon, but those things are seriously the least things to be worried about when someone is comparing Canada to the US. And he’s about to be turned into a joke. Green Lemon has compiled her answers here.

As anyone can guess, this hater got shutdown real quick by the same girl.

She admits no country is perfect and she points out the negative things about Canada.

Those negatives, however, are outweighed by the positive. And she wishes Americans to have a country that is great again.

We all know Canada is more than its ham, cold weather and maple syrup. It’s a country amazing for many reasons, including the famous Niagara Falls.

Now, everyone’s ready to immigrate to Canada.


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