Grandma Charges Her Family Members £35-A-Head For Sumptuous Christmas Dinner


Every grandma is the best grandma in the world with them gifting their grandkids an unlimited amount of sweets and their favorite things. A 52-year-old grandma decided to charge all her family members £35 for the Christmas dinner they’ll be enjoying.

Hold up! Before you think this is some sort of a fishy scheme, Hayley Garbutt who’s based in North Yorkshire reveals that all the money goes back to all the meals they eat and even the gifts they get. Yes, Hayley gets ALL kinds of meat, alcohol and fizzy drinks for the kids and grandkids that come!

She is going to serve 12 people this year which includes her kids, their partners, 4 grandchildren and some of her friends.

She received £420 and marches on to shop for the materials. She posts pictures of the lavish feasts her family gets to enjoy and it was money well-spent for the family. Everyone gets to indulge in everything they love.

She managed to spend £300 on Morrisons, leaving her £120 to spend on other things. What other things?

“But it’s not that I’m being tight – it means I get to spend more in other aspects then too like presents!” says the grandmother-of-four.

She revealed that her trees have so many presents stacked around it that you can’t even see it! She’s also got her fridge packed with beef, turkey, pork, chicken and other food. She said, “On the actual day, I have my daughters Lucy 26, and Zola, 33 coming and my son Luke, 27.

“They’re all bringing their partners, and Zola’s kids are coming too – Ella 13, Ashton 11, Dawson seven and Summer Rose, three, and we’ve got another one on the way too.”

“I’ll lay their Christmas meal out like a buffet and make sure everything that they request is there,” she added.

She continues with some mouthwatering food and descriptions on her Christmas dinner, “It’s going to be the full works, and nobody leaves until really late, as in the evening I get more guests coming too. I’ll wash up and I’ll clean but I’ll make sure there’s everything from King prawns, to pizza, to homemade quiches.”

Best grandma ever!


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