Game Of Thrones Fire And Blood Targaryen Prequel Series Already In Works


‘Game of Thrones’ was a train-wreck of feels – no, the movie isn’t exactly the melodramatic type, obviously. It was how the writers, David Benioff, and D.B. Weiss, decided to just butcher the last two seasons, especially during the last two episodes. The penultimate and finale felt like a horrible car accident instead of a thrilling roller coaster ride.

Despite that, it is still HBO’s most popular and successful fantasy adaptation based on George R. R. Martin’s ‘A Song of Fire and Ice’. While the books are yet to be finished, the team tried to execute the ending after consulting with the writer, possibly worried about Martin taking way too long to finish the books. It’s been more than 28 years since Martin first worked on ‘Game of Thrones’. And we’re still short on two books.


HBO’s rumored to be taking on ideas for prequels and spin-offs and it’s said that no less than 5 are being considered. While a lot made it to the discussion table, only Jane Goldman’s untitled prequel, based on Deadline reports, that made it to a pilot episode. It is starring Naomi Watts and is showing this summer.

Something bigger, however, is being considered now. And that’s one of the most exciting history of Westeros: the history of House Targaryen. Back in May, Martin wrote in his blog: “What are they about? I cannot say. But maybe some of you should pick up a copy of Fire & Blood and come up with your own theories.”

The confirmed writer/producer of this particular project is Bryan Cogman if it gets accepted. Ryan Condal is co-creator and will executive produce the prequel and everything seems fine as the book also made it to the top 10 bestselling, except for two issues.

Courtesy WME/Linda Carfagno

First of all, the book is unfinished and we all knew what happened with the show when it still had two books left. Will the same happen to this prequel if it’s accepted?

The second thing is how the book is written. If you hate reading those history books that you find extremely boring and lacking excitements, you might feel the same about ‘Fire and Blood’. Sure, it was exciting to know that dragons used to rule Westeros 300 years ago and they were actually pretty common. But it’s done as if Archmaester Gyldayn was the person who wrote the history.

Will the writers and creators live up to the expectations? Will Martin actually finish the book in time to let us all feel at ease? Only time will tell.


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