Fisherman Releases Baby Dolphin And Gets Amazing Thanks By Mother Dolphin


A mother dolphin made a series of exciting jumps as her calf, which were tangled in fishing nets, were released back by the fishermen.

The heartwarming video was uploaded by Mario Polizzi on Facebook moments after he and friends released the calf off the shore of Procida, Naples, Italy.

Seconds after the baby was safe, the mother made exciting jumps at 1:01 mark on the video. As she makes aerial movements, the fishermen were awed, cheering and clapping at the dolphin.

There have been ongoing debates on why dolphins jump.

Theory ranges from energy reservation to simply playing! So maybe, this is just the mother’s way to show that she’s excited and happy.

Nevertheless, it was definitely a magical moment as they witness up close the beautiful jumps of dolphins.

Watch the video here:

The fishermen bid goodbye to the dolphins as they swam further.

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