Entitled Customer Shocked By A Cashier Who Replied Politely With A Smile


Customers are king, queen, princes or princesses or anything they thought they are. Just because you think someone works at the cashier, doesn’t mean you won’t ever find yourself in need of that person’s help one day in the future. But people who own money often turn into entitled individuals that really need to get their butt whooped.

But hail to our heroine, Reddit user Amaranthinenightmare, who have bravely and politely put a certain entitled female customer in the place. Working at a popular department store, it can get pretty challenging to always be friendly, pressured by time to be accurate and quick, and deal with troublesome people.

Like the one which story she is about to tell.

Let this story serves as a lesson to everyone out there who think they can smack their gum and be rude just because they are paying.

Image credits: Jim William (not the actual photo)

The employee had an epic comeback

People showered the Reddit user with support


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