Disney Plans For A Reboot On ‘Pirates of The Caribbean’ But Depp Probably Won’t Be In


The reboot project continues.

‘Pirates of The Caribbean’ was one of their most successful original stories Disney came up with. It was a mix of the incredible cast that created one incredible universe of pirates during the Golden Age of Piracy. Johnny Depp was the core of the story as anyone would agree.

The saga ended with the whole cast once more reunited in ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’ and put the story a good ending.

Writer and producer from ‘Chernobyl’, Craig Mazin is rumored to be the person helming the project. And in addition is the original writer of the franchise, Ted Elliott, who will be writing for a new story.

The bad news is that Johnny Depp most probably won’t be part of the franchise, especially with the alleged domestic violence allegations he’s facing against Amber Heard from ‘Aquaman’.

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While the project is still in its early development, rumors are saying a female ‘Avengers’ star will get the lead role. Karen Gillan played the role of Gamora’s step-sister, Nebula and the character Martha chose in ‘Jumanji’.

It sounds very exciting, but also at the same time, depressing with all the ol’ good cast gone.


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