Deadpool Three Set to Come Soon, Writer Reveals


Do you remember the never-dying superhero Deadpool?

If Yes, a third version of the movie is however about to be released soon, the creators of the movie reveals. If you have been following the Deadpool movies right from the first you would have discovered how much of an amazing character Raynolds has been to many viewers.

His unique style of combining action with some sort of comedy has been a huge attraction to many viewers which accounted for the tremendous success recorded by the movie when it was shot in the United States of America in 2016 following an unconventional marketing strategy. The subsequent series of the movie has recorded similar success which has left many viewers very eager to know what the fate of the movie is and when next to expect another version.

Well not to worry, the creator of the Deadpool movie Rob Liefeld has revealed that the fans of the superhero will not have to wait much longer before they see the superhero back in action again. Although this will not be the first time Rob is making this revelation which might be a reason for many viewers and fans of the Deadpool movie to want to have a bit of doubt about the actual release date of the movie.

Raynolds who has always stared as the Deadpool himself revealed that he is not quite sure how things will turn out in the nearest future following the studio merger that occurs. However, the creator of the movie took to his Twitter page to clear the air about some doubts by many fans majorly relating to his previous promise that the movie would be released soon, he granted some special question and answer session where he emphatically revealed that fans and viewers of the Deadpool movie would not have to wait for long to see Raynolds in his red and black leather suit in Deadpool three.

Although there are no much details as to what to expect from the about to come version of the Deadpool movie yet, the available trailer has provided some abridged version of what to expect. But judging from the loads of action that was observed in Deadpool two and how it all ended, we are certainly sure to have another blast of amazing action mixed with Raynolds blend of jokes and comedy.

The third version of the Deadpool movie is set to be released between 2020 and 2021.  


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