Customer Left A 1-Star Review For A Repair Service During CAT 5 Hurricane Dorian


Hurricane Dorian landed on the Bahamas, specifically the Abaco as a CAT 5 storm, running at a max wind speed of more than 180 mph. it was destroying everything in its path and people lost almost everything. The death toll was 43 two days ago and officials are pretty sure the count will surge quickly once the search is done.

Now, Dorian is no more a hurricane, but it’s still dangerous to the area it’s hitting.

People and celebrities have been showing a helping hand, sending prayers and messages to help the people to get back up on their feet quickly. Many had to prepare themselves for the hurricane, such as this Florida man who parks his car indoor and this lady who had to keep her 90+ dogs safe.

And then, there is someone who felt the need to leave a one-star review in the middle of the storm.

My God, Karen, should have found a service company willing to send their men when a CAT 5 storm hits!

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The Internet happily burns the reviewer and also share their own sad stories of rude and selfish customers.


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