Couple Got Married In The First Traditional Viking Wedding For Almost 1000 Years


What is your dream wedding? Some brides think about flowers, magic, and the forest. Some are happy enough in their backyard so long as they are with the ones they love.

But this couple have other thoughts: as they are passionate about Viking and its culture, they chose to go with a truly traditional Viking wedding procession which includes sacrifices, blood, and pagan priests. These beautiful pictures will tell you the story.

Elisabeth (27) and Rune (36) Dalseth decided to tie their knots in the most Viking way ever next to a Norwegian Lake.

The wedding certainly has a lot of red going on, but it’s definitely not a Red Wedding. They had capes, a beautiful setting in a Lake that overlooks the mountain, two Viking ships and a lot of live music.

Beautician Elisabeth is now a stay-at-home mother to look after her 8-month-old son.

Elisabeth Dalseth can still remember how it was the day she danced in her wedding, “We had no Spotify. Instead, we danced to live music that our ancestors danced to over a millennium ago.”

Elisabeth was exposed to the Viking way of living from Rune whom she met three years ago in May. They met in a bar and Rune, who had been a pagan for 2 years, told her about all the beauty and wonders of the Viking culture, to which Elisabeth began to love as well.

The two are part of the Viking revivalists that consist of about 6,000 people. They mark the first Viking wedding ever held since 1,000 years ago.

They also had a gothi as their priest who blessed their weddings and everyone was in a complete Viking getup.

Rune proposed to Elisabeth in 2017 during a Viking festival. When she said yes, the two quickly agreed to have a Viking wedding ceremony.

It wasn’t easy – the two had to prepare longboats, clothes, find a suitable setting and people to play the roles.

Although they were both raised as Christians, they decided that they’d rather revive the old culture of the Viking. The challenge, however, was finding the gothi, who will act as a priest.

“Finally, a man who we had met at a festival one year agreed to be the gothi – the equivalent of a priest – for the ceremony.”

Because they’re going all-out, they can’t leave out the sacrificing part as well. So, a poor pig was brought in.

130 guests attended the party, many of whom enjoyed meals and music of the ancient Norse culture.

Like the legend, the groom arrives in a longboat with his 10 friends when dawn breaks.

As the men paddle to the shore, loud hunting horns were blown, marking the beginning of a beautiful ceremony. Guests were assembled, some were skeptical of the unorthodox ambiance.

The gothis held the dried roses to officiate the holy matrimonial event. Blood was smeared, on his face first, then the two bound individuals.

The man and woman put their hands on the handle of a sword as blessings were spoken.

After the holy ceremony, come the fun parties!

There was a running competition between the families of the married couple!

Elisabeth who looked gorgeous in her wedding dress and red cape, holding on to a bouquet of blood red roses.

And now, they are a happy family of three (plus the dog)!

And here’s a short clip of the gothi speaking his blessings.


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