Boy Gets Suspended For Fighting Back A Girl That’s Been Hitting Him – The Internet Is Now Angry


Recently, a boy was suspended from school after he was fighting with two other girls, all sides raised their fists. Well, that sounds pretty messed up and sounds like the guy shouldn’t have raised his fist.

Well, apparently the Internet doesn’t think so, because the guy had not raised his fist without a reason. Check out this video below:

Yes, as anyone can clearly see, the guy has been trying to keep the girl at bay, repeatedly telling her to back off while actively avoiding her. Until she made the last push (and because teenagers are teenagers), he, realistically, can only put up with so much.

On his Twitter account, James posted the explanation below, showing what exactly happened and how did the two girls began arguing and getting physical with him.

And what was everyone doing?

James further updates people on what’s going on:

And we saw another user by the name mental (by this point, we’re going mental at what’s going on) with this:

It’s pretty obvious that the girl has been making the move on the boy, clearly pushing and provoking him. Meanwhile, James was actively backing up, telling her not to make her mad and during this, not a single soul stepped in to stop the girl from asking for a fight.

Eventually, she got one and now, the Internet is on James side.


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